Firstly this is time to say thank you to everyone who supported me on the last adventure and those who were there on the day – The Great Bristol Run, on 25th September 2022 was a truly magical day. Those last few miles were so tough and emotions ran high for me but what support I had. A day I will remember forever.

So, my passion for running continues – so a big step up to (hopefully) run my first Marathon. 26.2 miles or 42.2km

I have been running now since February 2021. This is something that even I find remarkable that I am able to do. If you look at the evidence? An acute addiction to prescription painkillers, in 2008 lasting 6 years, with 5 knees operations on my right knee after I ruptured my ACL. It is very clear how close to the edge I was in that time and there was chaos and alongside an acute addiction, poor mental health and just not coping with life.

I have been to rehab, the same one that I now work at and I am proud to say this. Did they save my life? Yes, alongside my family – undeniably. So now it’s great that I get to work at the same place that helped me and support people to turn their lives around, just like was done for me., Paying it forward and all that.

9 years later, 45 years of age, sober, happy and life is good, in fact it’s really good.

Then there is the charity that I am also on the board of trustees for. Somewhere House Somerset, the beneficiary of this fundraising, that I am a trustee of. I believe in supporting our local community providing counselling and support to anyone in our local area, that needs it, for as long as they need it. What’s more we just ask for people to donate what they can afford to their sessions. If that’s 50p, then that’s ok.

So every penny raised will be going to this amazing charity, again something that I am so proud to be part of. The amazing team of qualified counsellors, volunteers and my fellow board members. They are remarkable people. We see over 140 clients a week. Fundraising efforts like this will help to continue the work we do.

So about the challenge A marathon – really I have said to myself time and time again? Well yes, I am going to do this and run 26.2 miles/42.2km around the city of Manchester, or try to anyway! Both physically and mentally, first and foremost I am under no illusions that the Manchester Marathon is going to be very very challenging. The fatigue, the cramp, the endless miles, the dreaded ‘wall’ will need to be climbed over. But I want to know what it’s like to get over that line and in the process hopefully raise loads of money to help others. This is a journey for me and with all funds raised, for those who benefit too.

Paula Radcliffe has said that ‘Everything you want to know about yourself, you will find out during the course of running a 26.2 mile marathon’

The marathon is on the 17th April – so it is THIS SUNDAY!!

Hopefully you will support me to run for Somewhere House Somerset and support the community in the process, and in doing so – you may just change someone’s life for the better. Remember every penny raised is going directly to supporting those in need.

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Rob x