One of our counsellors wrote this…

I have no other option Covid 19 is to blame,For buying things I will never use much to my eternal shame.

Now I haven’t got lots of money, Covid  has seen to that, but it hasn’t stopped me from buying a purple yoga Mat!

Now for those of you who know me you’ll know I’m not lithe and fit,I’m not a jogger or a walker, I don’t use my fit bit.

I’m happy to sit on the sofa and watch the world go by,I have prime, Netflix and even premium sky! 

And in these dark days of Covid when I need a friendly face, It’s easy to order from Amazon especially things I might need,just in case.

The driver now knows my name and leaves packages by the door, just to have someone stopping by makes me order more.

However I have to say a yoga mat might be one step too far, as a useless purchase it significantly raises the ‘useless’ bar.

But I might try to exercise, it’s good for you they say, and you never never know it might brighten up my day.

Get those endorphins pumping and helping to  lift the dastardly brain fog. So if you peek in my window don’t be surprised to see me attempting the downward dog!!

By Bridget x