Hi All,

We just wanted to update you on another successful educational interactive workshop we did recently at the Robert Blake School to Year 11 students. Our volunteers did an outstanding job sharing their real life experiences of what life was like in addiction and the consequences this has had on their lives and those around them.

Some of the feedback we received is highlighted below:

“They realised not to get involved with drugs, not to be manipulated and to share their emotions before they become dangerous.”

 “Really well planned and delivered for our year 11 group –  very brave presentation – thank you!”

 “The personal experiences were good – liked how open/blunt they were about everything.”

 “Hard hitting, unexpected, emotional, empathetic.”

“It has made us feel even more determined to not touch drugs at all.”
“I felt a huge amount of respect for the presenters, thankful for their time, honesty and bravery and an instant connection.”

A big thank you for all those who support the charity and this is one of the many ways fundraising is put into action, trying to help young people to make better more informed choices.

The Somewhere House Somerset Team x