Max has now completed the Nightrider 2013 Challenge and has done an amazing job as a fundraiser for Somewhere House Somerset!

At midnight Max was ready to go on the starting lines of the challenge appreciating the night time view of Alexandra Park.


 Two hours into the challenge Max had a quick break to take this photo while crossing Waterloo Bridge.


Max has reached the halfway point – Crystal Palace in just under 2 1/2 hours. Had time for a quick coffee and a snack then went on to pedal around East London.

At 4.30 am with only 20 miles to go Max was in desperate need of some coffee and at approximately 7am Max completed Nightrider 2013. He did a truely inspiring time of 65.2 miles in 5 hours 13 mins.

Well done max, we are all so proud of you. Now time to treet yourself with a bacon roll and a some deserved sleep.

Thanks everyone for your support and don’t forget it’s not too late to Sponsor Max for his efforts!!!