Just over 18 months ago I was sitting in my flat doing all in my power, and repeatedly failing, to not swallow copious amounts of vodka, wine, beer and any other form of alcohol I could afford. It is startling to think that a year and half later I am invited by our local MP to the Houses of Parliament, where I am greeted with a hug and the words ‘fabulous poetry,’ referring to the successful poetry evening held by Blue Sky Arts, the group I have set up for recovering addicts.


Tessa Munt, our patron and MP for Burnham-On-Sea, met the 7 of us at Portcullis House and we sat down for coffee and a chat, before she was whisked off to one of the many appointments in her busy day. She left us in capable hands and we were taken on a guided tour of Parliament, culminating in us sitting in the gallery in the House of Commons, listening in on a debate on petrol prices.


It was a fascinating experience and we learnt many fun facts along the way. Like, did you know our monarch is technically not allowed to wander into the Houses of Parliament due to Charles I impromptu arrival to arrest 5 MPs (one of the precursors to the Civil War)? Well, we didn’t.


Afterwards we took a pleasant stroll down the South Bank, stopping for oodles of noodles and chopstick fun at Wagamama’s, before the journey home. I felt proud to be a representative of the charity.