Please donate to this fundraiser!

Year 11n at King Alfreds School in Highbridge are kindly raising money in conjunction with the NCS programme for our charity. Taking place over 2 days – 17th and 18th June they are planning a sponsored walk, a leg wax (of a teacher) and a cake sale!

You can donate by clicking on this fundraising page, set up for the event!

Thank you for your support and good luck to all involved!

The SWHS Team x

Year 11 Talk on Somewhere House Somerset

We were invited to talk to Year 11 this week about the charity, what it does, who we help and as part of a focused learning week for the students, some ideas about how they can get involved to support the charity. Given what a tough year we have all faced, but particularly the Year 11’s, it was very touching to see so many attendees. The talk focused on the reality of the challenges we have and all continue to face, mental health and how the charity supports the local community. What the role of a trustee is for a charity and a little bit from our speaker about his own journey.

Year 11a signed this for our speaker Rob and had a photo for twitter. Thank you so much for having us and we look forward to hearing about your fundraising / awareness ideas!

The SWHS Team x

6th Form Talk at King Alfreds

Huge thanks to Mr Gaskell, his team and of course all the Year 13 students for the invite to talk about substance misuse, the challenges and dangers. It took place this week and was an open forum with questions coming in to our speaker Rob throughout his talk. Some very poignant questions were raised and discussed. Thank you to all that attended. It’s so lovely to be back supporting young people in our local community.

Post Code Lottery Funding

Huge thanks to these people for a recent grant award to our project “Helping Vulnerable People Overcome Mental Wellbeing Challenges”

The funding means a minimum of 633 total hours of counselling can be offered to any person who needs support from our service, aged 5 and up!

From everyone in our local community, thank you!