Tuckers Fish & Chip Shop Festive Night – 4 December 2015

We are proud and grateful to announce that Tuckers Fish & Chip shop located in Cheddar, Somerset have kindly chosen to donate the proceeds of their festive night to Somewhere House Somerset this year.

We thank you Tuckers for your continued support and encourage anyone in the area to get down there and check them out.

The festive night is on the 4th December!



Mount Everest Challenge – New Dates!!

Hi All,

Just to give you an update on the 3 lads climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp – this was originally due to happen earlier this month but had to be postponed due to the avalanches that occurred earlier this year.

We are pleased to announce though we now have new dates for the climb, so Dave, Josh & Kyle will be setting off on 22nd September 2016 and will be out there for 2 weeks.The overall total target is £15000.00 and we are pretty sure with all the help and support from everyone this is a very doable target. If you would like to donate please click on the links of the individual you would like to support below:

Dave Clarke: http://www.everyclick.com/davedoeseverest

Josh Underhill: http://www.everyclick.com/joshupeverest

Kyle Gould: http://www.everyclick.com/kylegould

We thank you for all of your support.

James Heapey as Patron

We are very happy to announce that James Heapey from the Conservative party is our new charity Patron.

£750 from Wedmore Real Ale Festival

We would like to thank Wedmore Real Ale Festival for a very generous donation of £750 for Somewhere House Somerset.